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Poetry Critical
Sep. 22nd, 2006 @ 01:04 pm Audio: Explaining a recent nightmare
awesome bike
Wrote this while feelin': happyhappy
Beating off to: Pendulum - Still Grey
This is a recording of a recent conversation I had with my flatmate about a dream I had...
Piss & Shit Nightmare
Sep. 17th, 2006 @ 04:29 am (no subject)
Wrote this while feelin': peacefulpeaceful
Beating off to: Pendulum - Insecurity
So I go in tomorrow (monday) for a echocardiogram, which is basically an ultrasound of the heart.
A little while back I had some weird chest pains. Pressure, sharp pains, and pains in my joints, pressures in my thigh... etc. As my dad had a heart attack about 3 months back I decided to get checked out.

Last friday (the 8th) I went into the medical center on base to see the doctor. They said everything was fine but ran an EKG. The EKG was run twice, at which point I figured something was off...
The doctor came in, looked at it, said it was abnormal, said he'd be back in a minute and ran off.
He came back in, starting going off that I looked like I fit the profile for Marfan Syndrome pretty well, because I was tall and lanky.. and then asked if I was double jointed. I said no, and I highly doubt I have that... at which point he ran off again.

He then ran back in, said he was going to set me up for a heart ultrasound, that tricare would call me soon, and that I should be fine, and finished with "you're not deploying anytime soon?" which I said "no" to, to which he said "good" and then ran off.

Tricare never called me.. I had to call them, repeatedly. Which I started doing on tuesday. It took till thursday to get a straight answer as to why I hadn't been given a referal or been setup to see any type of cardiologist. (I think they were waiting to see if I died :)
Then it took till friday to get an appointment set up. Which I'm only authorized an echocardiogram... So I'll be setting up another appointment to see a cardiologist after that....
If I have to deal with tricare the same way I have been... I'm going to have a damn heart attack regardless of how my heart is actually doing.

I'm feeling more tired than normal. I'm not exactly into hypersomnia yet, but I'm not my normal insomniac self. Maybe those 9 years of being on ritalin, that one (or was it two) years of adderall, and all those sleepless smokey nights and days when I pushed my body hard has finally caught up with me. I know one thing for sure. I can't push nearly as hard as I used to. I'm starting to feel rather human at 22... And it's a strange feeling.

Could I be brittle? *raises eyebrow* No... No... *shakes head*
The night after i got the abnormal EKG reading, I drank an assload and danced for at least an hour straight!
*shakes fist*

In other news Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is pretty fucking funny.
Specially for a southerner.

And I finally fine tuned my 100 USD HTPC
My old but awesome 450MHZ P3 W/ 384MB RAM
ATI Radeon 7000: DIAMOND STEALTH S60 PCI 32MB TV-Out - Graphic Card
HD 200GB WESTERN DIGITAL ATA133... (had laying around)
HD 30GB WESTERN DIGITAL ATA133... (for the OS and program files only, had laying around too)
Some LAN card
And a whole lot of various software.

Oh yes, and winamp + milkdrop look and sound awesome on my TV.
And the ability to watch anything on google video/youtube is excellent.
All of you are living in the past.

I've also got the SanDisk Sansa m240 White 1GB USB 2.0 Portable MP3 Player on the way...
I mainly bought it so I can have a mic with me anywhere I want. I want to get into spoken word. I know I don't have the voice for it, but I don't give a fuck anymore.

I'm also thinking about changing my name. Any suggestions?
I'm thinkin' Hugge Bawlzdep, but I doubt any judge would approve that :)
Aug. 25th, 2006 @ 12:42 am (no subject)
gas mask
I've returned from cali.
This whirlwind vacation is winding down.
It's been a rush.
One of my good friends J from way back in High School came up here to visit me.
He's a marine now, a tanker crew man.
We went up to canada to see some of my friends up there and go camping.
It was a nice retreat into the wilderness. We spent a lot of the time running
around, hiking, swiming in a creek, drinking, being wild adventurers, and rainbows!

Of course, it rained the first night, and left everything muddy, and we were
pretty far from the tent so everyone got freaking soaked and two of us later suffered slight upper respiratory infections.
It was really a good time, and brought us all closer than we've been in a long time. Which is good, because friends like these are few and far inbetween.
By the time I got back from canada my nose was running nonstop and my lungs were getting pretty messed from fluid buildup. So I took a few hot showers, drank a bit of nyquil, and passed out for about 11 hours.

We went and did laundry from the camping and then packed the car for cali. We got the GPS on the laptop started up, got all the supplies, the redbull, the nodose, the Sudafed PE, and headed out.
The 240 started up with overdrive shut off. Which in laymens terms means the car will not engage 4th gear and is more or less limited for under 50mph.

I wasn't about to drive 1,400 miles under 50, or over that and have the engine blow up. So I turned around after making it up zee big spokane hill and went back. The car had been doing this before but it'd usually kick off in about 3-4 minutes.

I took it as a sign that I shouldn't be traveling right then, gotta follow zee
signs. So we went and got some food, and I napped for a half hour.
Then I started thinking about it. I had a suspicion it was the overdrive relay
not switching properly when the car starts and it becomes energized.
So I went and searched interweb forums about 240s for awhile. I quickly found similar failures often being caused by the relay, so all I had to do was find out where it was and bang on it. I found out it was behind the glovebox, so I went out with my trusty leatherman and pulled the glovebox out.

I couldn't quite figure out which of the many things behind there it was, so I
went and searched for it to order (froogle). This gave me a picture of it, and
within a minute while J was napping on the sofa I was using my trusty flashlight to tap the thing. Sure enough it switched off immediately.

We got everything ready to go again and began the drive down to LA where another one of my high school buddies that became a Marine is stationed. If it was anyone else, even remotely less awesome I wouldn't even have thought about a 1,400 m drive.

He's a dude of musical passions and tallents. He got me into punk music back in the day and inspired me in different ways. He's always been one of those friends you can be completely honest with, and that's the only real kind of friend. The Marines haven't been good to him tho. I spent a few hours trying to convince him face to face before he enlisted (while I was already in the military) that it wasn't the thing for him. That he'd  more than likely not enjoy very much of it. He really hasn't either, and lets be honest the military kills a part of everyone that's in it. It reshapes and causes other new parts, it has a good side and a bad side. Like they say you can marry the service or you can marry your wife and have a family. It's a choice and a balance that not many can pull.

You can't focus on the bads or it tears you up inside. Lets face it any service that won't let you keep a bottle of Jack in your own fridge in your own dorm room because keeping booze in the dorms is against the rules is just fucked. How are you supposed to have a relaxing after work jack and coke and jam out on the guitar otherwise? You can't take your guitar to the bar!$%@ But I digress.

So back to the drive. We set off with the idea that we were going to go down there and have a good time, see the family values concert, and enjoy the ocean. Jeremy and I have the driving thing down. We've been on so many road trips we can't even count them now. We don't take chances on them and we've worked out a system over the years.
Depending on the lenght of the road trip there's different sets of systems.
Either you stay awake and talk, you listen to music, you discuss life, the past
and the future, Where we're going, whatwe've done right, and wrong... Which is a very spirital thing.. and gets you no rest.

Or you drink a redbull, put on some agressive energy music or listen to something that isn't going to put you to sleep and the other guy passes out and catches a nap for 2-4 hours while you drive. If at any point you feel slightly tired, you change activity, you change the song, you open a window and smoke a cig while slowing down. If you feel a little more than just a tad tired at any point you make a cell phone call to a good friend that you can chit chat with for awhile (as conversation puts the brain in a different state and wakes you back up) or you pull over and walk about, do some jumping jacks. If for any reason none of this wakes you up to wide awake (or you get tired feeling again within 10-15 minutes after doing one of these) then you're probably going to start down the road of involentary eye closure and those other things that get people killed on the road. So if for any reason one of us feels tired you hit the other person in the face.

This is also a good game, Because then he comes to and goes "WTFQ!!$$! Oh mAN$! tired? yea, pull over I'll give 'er a go for awhile." And he knows that at any point he's tired he can get you back for what you just did to him. Driving long distances with little sleep isn't advisable. Which is why both of the systems often work well when combined. Say when a driver change happens the rester will then stay up for an hour or so and you'll both conversate.The drive down through oregon was arguably the worst part. It was a very windy road, going up and down the mountains with sharp turns and sections of road that weren't very well lit. Once we reached norcal the road opened up and became much more straight. It was interesting to see the intensity of the sun over california. The sky was much more clear, with a lighter shade of blue than I normaly see in washington.

The sun beat down on my left arm as it hung out the window so hard that I got a pretty good burn/tan. By the time we were climbing the hills outside of LA the 240 started to run a little hot. So we had to pull over into a stretch of shade and give the car a 30 minute break, then pour a bit of water over the radiator. She never touched the red, I care about her too much to let that happen.

We arrived in LA city limits around 5pm and I-5 traffic slowed down to grid lock rush hour shortly after we got into it. I must say LA traffic is no joke. They slam on their breaks then speed up. It's constant break checks and floors. The heat bleeds directly off the radiator in the 240 I just opened all the windows and put the heat slightly on and that kept the radiator cool even in the rush hour traffic and the heat. She hasn't cooled off as good as she should since I lost the fan guard on her. Never thought that would do as much air shaping as it actually does on her...

But all went well. I just turned off all the music, and focused on driving in the
rush hour traffic and in 4 hours we finally made it through LA and down to
oceanside. We met up with Steven and went to denny's to get a bit to eat before we went back to his pad to chill and talk for awhile and then pass out.

I was so excited to be in cali right by the ocean that I only got about 2 hours
of sleep before we decided to go out and get some breakfast and head to the beach. The water was soo much warmer than it was in canada. It felt so great to get into the waves.

We spent the entire day just swimming and walking the beach. The sun was
wonderful and very rejuvenating.

 The next day we were supposed to see Korn, but my buddy hadn't gotten the tickets like he was supposed to. So we ended up just catching a train (amtrak) down to San Diego. Which was insanily packed when we got on it. After standing around for a bit and getting pushed by everyone making their way around the train we made our way down to a luggage rack. I figured I'd get on it and lay down for awhile. It was actually more comfy than it looks.

 We walked along the ocean and looked at the midway aircraft carrier museum from the sidewalk before deciding to check out the gas lamp district. We walked all around the gas lamp disctrict before heading up to Balboa park and walking all around there. When we headed back to
the gas lamp the sun was heading down and it was time to grab a few drinks. We started off at the original gas lamp bar, the oldest one. Which wasn't all that impressive.

So wandered down and found Dicks last resort. Where the party really was
happening. We drank a few drinks in there and watched the ridiculous live band and flirted with a few girls before J called his cousin (who was in the navy and back in town for awhile) She showed up with her husband and we all got a table to eat and drink a bit. Really good nachos is all I can say.

Steven ran into two Marine's he worked with and they bought him a few drinks. After J's cousin left I was feeling like actually starting drinking if you know what I mean. But we wanted to smoke a bit and walk around so we headed out. About that point we came across a dood sitting on a corner and playing punk music on his guitar. We sat with him and listened to him play for awhile and it became apperant that steven was starting to feel the effects of the small amount of booze he did drink very heavily. He quickly got very emotional about the music and we spent 30 minutes chillin and listening.

We went up to hooters and Steven was starting to show that he was waaay more drunk than he really should have been. We tried to get him to drink some water and pretty soon he just wanted to leave and became slightly beligerant. Fast forward a bit and we're in fridays eating a bit and trying to get steven to get something down and drink more water. He became very upset that he couldn't have another boozy drink and then insisted he needed to use the bathroom. J wasn't about to let him go to the bathroom alone and after about 10 minutes I went in to make sure he hadn't fallen in. I found him on the floor by the towlet dry heaving as J attempted to keep him straight and make sure he was doing good.

 Quickly I was sure that it was something more than the booze affecting him. He couldn't have been that drunk off the small amount he had. This was about the time I got out of him that it must have been the antidepressants he was on, as he had never drank on them before and they had just upped his dose...

God I hate antidepressents with a passion. They don't solve any problems, all they do is give you a false sense that everything's really ok and make you feel good about whatever. This really does nothing to inspire nor does it give you a step in the right path. Just a false feeling of wellbeing.

Of course Steven didn't remember much at all past what happened at Dicks... Man I've never even got close to that bad, ever. I don't understand how that's even possible. But then again I'm not one to put things in my system that I don't know all the side effects of, and I certainly know my tollerances.

In the end we made Steven walk it off, and then we got a ride from a DD he worked with back to his place. Where we chilled out and discussed war, politics, and all those wonderful things before calling it a night.

The next day we dipped in the ocean for awhile, ate some really good seafood up at joe's crab shack, and then headed back to spokane. We avoided I-5 through LA this time, going east on an interestate and then north, and then west back to I-5 farther up, and that cut about 4 hours off the trip. Making it only a 26 hour drive this time, and much easier.

Now it's time to relax!
Mar. 5th, 2006 @ 01:43 am Dreaming
Wrote this while feelin': sleepydreaming
Beating off to: KMFDM - D.I.Y.
I usually spend more time trying to avoid sleeping then I do actually sleeping. I look on sleep as a waste of time. If I could avoid ever doing it I would. I don't use drugs or any techniques to keep myself awake at this point. There's no real need and when you work on a 50 year old aircraft on a potentially very dangerous flightline you don't want any strange after effects. That said you're supposed to get 8 hours of sleep at least to work a flightline. I average between 3 and 7, hardly ever a full 8.

Now I've been staying up 20 hours and sleeping about 3-4 for the last 3 days. Usually I like to get 6 somewhere between a stretch like that.

The last week I was only getting 3 hours every night and I recall taking a few 20-25 minute power naps. Napping over 30 minutes holds you back more than helps you if you didn't know. For some it takes 30 and for others it takes 45 before they actually start to enter a deep sleep. Once your body starts entering a deeper sleep (with REM sleep) it refuses to want to wake up without more of it. It likes it, and you feel like shitcakes if you don't give it more. That's why it's always best to power nap for only 20-25 minutes.

But to my point. I stayed up last night playing a game called runebound. I haven't played any board games in years but my friend demanded I play this kinda D&D styled board game. It was actually pretty cool. I found it a lot of fun and we joked about a lot of it/and/or other things. I ended up sitting around drinking a fair amount and enjoying it. Of the two games we played (when you have all the expansion the game is modular and can be changed around many different ways) I one the first with magic and my friend one the second with melee.

We stayed up waiting for the sun to rise listening to in search of sunrise 4, eventually it came, at which point we ignored it.
I really don't think I've watched a sun rise and done nothing else for 5+ years. Shame. I can recall a few I watched when I was 16-18, but that was a different world.

I had stayed up to do this after a full day of work of course and before that I had been up taking care of a lot of things in the apt that need done. So I had been up for over 23 hours when I went to sleep.

I slept, and I slept. The dreams weren't as crazy as the dreams one might dream on absinthe, but they were approaching that point.

I dreamt I was a completely different person in a completely different life. But for some reason I knew the life well. I can never recall very much of a dream so here goes.
I remember maps of some of the places I lived in. As if I was a sort of young boy map collector. I had some friends who had a car, and I seem to remember a few school type settings.
Also there was this place we drove to, sort of a roundabout of houses. All of them made of not much more than wood which all appeared to have been put together by very young men or those with no woodworking skill. The houses stood but they were not painted and very DIY.

We rolled up to one and there must have been 20 dogs around the area. All different sizes, shapes, colours, and types. The girls with us pet one and I made my way up and into the house. We ended up just hanging out. Somehow I found myself in a room with a very odd woman under the sheets of a bed. I sat next to her and joked around with her for awhile before she pulled me into bed. She was only wearing panties and had two nipple piercing.

The very strange thing was that her nipple piercings weren't through her nipple but actually went behind them. One was pink, the other blue. We joked around and rolled around before she forced me out of my clothing. Which I seemed to be indifferent to but more interested in her body art which she was not completely covered in but had a fair amount of. Did I mention she had the cutest pink hair and longest legs I've ever dreamed about?

She eventually wanted off with my underwear and for some reason I was not ready to disrobe them. I hadn't had enough time observing without touching or something of the like. We were both talking to one another about all kinds of oddness and having a funny time already. But when she found I didn't want to take my boxers off she went to town with it.

It was like clockwork and when she did get them off she started screaming about a tiny cock. Which seemed to signal my normal self to take the place of this fopwit. My normal self and it's thinking knows that is simply not the case, that I'm more gifted than anything else. So I began to grow and grow a lot until eventually she was breathless.

After that I don't recall any more of the dream. But that was probably the weirdest dream I've had in awhile and can actually recall.
Feb. 25th, 2006 @ 01:58 pm (no subject)
gas mask
"new programs"


yea so maybe I'll post an update sometime.
hopefully before they throw us all in concentration camps.
Feb. 17th, 2006 @ 02:25 am camp x-ray
gas mask
Wrote this while feelin': hothot
Beating off to: Anti-Flag - The Terror State - 04 - Sold As Freedom
Did you know?

late January 2004: U.S. officials released three children aged 13 to 15 and returned them to Afghanistan. In March 2004

June 9, 2004: One soldier, Sean Baker, who posed as a prisoner during training exercises at the camp, was beaten so severely that he suffered a brain injury and seizures
Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 03:46 pm the week with my brother
awesome bike
Wrote this while feelin': weirdweird
Beating off to: Sage Francis - The Buzz Kill
So my brother came up for the week. I hadn't seen him in about 3 years.
I've moved into my new apt. It's really coming together quite nicely.
I invested in about 600 dollars worth of kitchen equipment, plates, silverware and such.
Really good stuff, including the second most powerful microwave I could find.

To stock the kitchen I added 400 dollars worth of food and then went about getting a total of 600 dollars worth of booze for my bar. It's a really nice bar, capable of making nearly any drink you can think of. I also have my very own personal cook and bartend full time living with me. Makes it much easier to come home to a warm meal and whatever drink I might wish. Be it a guinness a white russian or a shot of patron we've got it covered.

Now getting back to my brother. It was good to see him. Gave him a hug let him wander around my work and talk to all the other sgts. He's a staff sgt in the USAF working on weapons. I work on com/nav systems so we both share the flightline in common.

We enjoyed a bit of gaming and good food/drink together but before you knew it things went from good fun to strange as fuck.

I went out with him leaving my good friend and bartend at the pad. On the way to the grocery store to get a few simple supplies (salt shakers and garbage bags) he started telling me "you're a piece of shit because you don't believe in jesus" that "you're nothing without god" and "nothing you ever do will come to any good" and I tried to explain some buddhist teachings to him, and be proper and respectful and calm, but he went on and on.

I decided I wasn't going to let the moment suffer if he wasn't going to listen to me, so I went into the grocery store. We ended up standing in the dog food ile for about 20 minutes him just going on about how if I didn't believe in sin, if I didn't accept god as my lord and savoir I would be some horrible person. I'd suffer and die without having ever lived.
I'm not some sort of unexpierenced person in the teachings of the bible or any type of church. I went to a catholic highschool, I went to church for years and years, I don't believe in any of it anymore. It's not a part of my spiritual being. I believe more in perception than in a book that contradicts itself half the time.

I tried to discuss these things with him but he wouldn't listen at all. I started to tell him a buddhist story set back in nazi german when the gestapo came to the home of someone who was hiding jews. The gestapo comes up and asks the simple question "are there jews in this house?" The person must rebuttal, but what do they do? If they do the right christian thing you follow your ten commandments, which states you shall not lie in one way or another depending on the translation. "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor" certainly says you are to tell the truth. If your neighbor is the jews and you're stating they aren't there you're bearing false witness. Now this simply doesn't make sense. Are you supposed to turn these people over to their enemies? Will your god save them and take care of them? Or, do you lie? Do you attempt to confuse and or distract the gestapo in such a way they are unaware of it and do not find the jews? Is that the right thing to do, or do you simply say "yea they're over here."

In this situation and many more christain teachings aren't going to help you at all. They aren't going to save or protect you. Gods love is worthless here. However having your own mind and abilities can make quite a bit of difference. You don't even have to answer the question, you may even use redirection. But that's not the point. The point is a set of laws you follow without question isn't going to help you. I don't know one christian that follows these laws to the T either, so what's the point in having them?

However this argument was never made. He went on and on about be being the idiot. The fool, the one whom would never come to anything at all. In the end I was forced to attempt to help him in the only way I knew how. I called his mother and asked him to discuss his religion with her and discuss how it was inappropriate to berate me in such a belittling manner. He wouldn't talk to her so I put him on speaker phone and started discussing things between her and him. It was rather odd but it made my point. His christian wasn't going to back him up that I was evil or horrible or going to waste my life. He was not demonstrating love or compassion he was being the type of christian that causes war and suffering.

Eventually I had enough and went off to finish packing while he finally came to his senses and eventually started saying it was wrong of him to say such things. I told him it wasn't wrong it right, it just was. That's what he did and it caused certain things to happen, mostly that we wasted a lot of time.

When we went back to the house I told my bartend the story and we all sat around discussing religion for awhile. He made quite a lot of points at not knowing anything at all. He showed his blind faith and was unable to answer any of our questions. We answered all of his and eventually we came to agree to disagree.

The next day I was driving around and he went off about my driving being dangerous. Never mind that he used to drive way too fast, pass blindly, and never ever listen to us when we told him to slow down or be safe. He was going off like my speeding a bit over the speed limit was going to kill someone. So much so that I couldn't even pack stuff up in my dorm room. He got himself more and more worked up to the point that I had to ask him to leave, at which point he said no and demanded I listen to him and stop everything. He wouldn't even calm down much less step out. I nearly called the military police on him because he was being such an asshole.

Later that day while we were playing a strategy game (because he didn't want to go out and eat good and see the nightlife) he came over to my room telling me that someone was at the door asking for someone who didn't live here.

I tried asking who it was he asked for, or what the person looked like. All he'd say was "he looked like a thug" and "he was wearing blue."
He must have said "he looked like a thug" (which I take as offensive) ten times before I ever raised my voice. I asked him for facial build, clothing, colour all of it. and he ignored me and kept saying "he looked like a thug" it was like he was trying to be an asshole to piss me off. So I told him if he didn't want to give me a discription which I could use for something productive he could GTFO. He wouldn't get the fuck out so I went to my friends room and started discussing the state of the strategy game. He came in there yelling that I needed to say I was sorry for yelling at him. He went on and on about how the guy at the door looked like a jackass, like I'd look if I was all dressed in blue like a thug, he looked like a jackass me. Which I didn't know what to make of. So I asked him to calm down or get the fuck out of my face. he said I was being horrible and an asshole. all that crap. it was weird he wouldn't stop yelling.

So I ignored him for a bit and went back to talking to my friend about the game. he started yelling at us at which point my friend said he had to GTFO of his room. At which point my brother tried to pick me up and take me out of the room. So instead of beating the shit out of him and causing more problems for myself I put myself into the door, shook him off and then told him he had assulted me and I was going to call the police if he didn't go to his corner of my apt. He tried to come in my room and I dialed 911 on the phone and said that if he crossed into my room I was going to call the police and then call the military support and tell them what he had done to me. At which point he shut up and went to his corner.

Then he ordered a plane ticket, drank a bunch more of my booze and left in a taxi. I had half a mind to beat the hell out of him for being such a poor guest if he wasn't my brother. Needless to say I'm not letting him come over ever again. I don't need his christian bullshit nor do I need him telling me I'm a piece of shit because I won't contradict myself and act like I know everything.
Aug. 19th, 2005 @ 09:06 pm wtf
gas mask
wtf, I can't believe it generated this,

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
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May. 13th, 2005 @ 10:21 pm Leave
gas mask
Beating off to: radiofreezion.com
I go the leave on the 18th till the 5th.
The times will be crazy.

I'm not really gay, but I'm going to come out of the closet and tell my dad I'm gay.
Of course I will have one of my close friends there all gayed up. It will be a very jovial time. I hope his heart condition doesn't equate to unhappiness during this procedure. I just want to see his expression when I hug said gayed up friend and pat him on the ass.

There will be pictures of course in the name of jackassness. I was a jackass far before the tv shows and movies even before the CKY so I am in no way doing something just out of fadishness. I have wanted to do this for a long horrible time.

Along with the 12 thousand other audacious insanities I have planed for my 19 days of leave.
I will be seeing MSI tomorrow, for the awesomes. It should be a blast as always.
I need to pick up the new CD while I'm at it.

I've got to rebuild a server and change it over from linux to freebsd while I'm home.
I'll have to clean my appartment, yes my friend keeps my room in my old apt exactly as it was and is going to keep it for the two more years I'm gone. I love my friends.
I'm going to play the hell out of tekken 5. Hook my friend up with a bed. get some hooters.
possibly take celron to hooters and popeyes, she's expressed insane interested in this.
I'm going to hunt down Michelle and she will be doing my make up and dressing for the gayness as that's her thing.
I'll have to talk to the recenetly broken up J & J and see if I can get them back on the right track.
I've got to fix my Rentz computer, fix the landscaping, and drink myself into the next state. Last time that happened was a few new years back.

This is all too much to explain and there's too much left out, but you get the idea. Nonstop wild monkey chair throwing grawling.

Oh and I'm prolly going to start some web dev work up pretty soon with the J'son. We could rawk it and I love doing it and learning it. I only run two web servers, about to be three.

Anyway keep on rawkin out with your cawk out in the free world. if you don't have a cawk you can borrow mine, just don't introduce it to strange places and strange faces. Thnx come again.
May. 1st, 2005 @ 03:04 am truth
awesome bike
Wrote this while feelin': wtf
Beating off to: Burzum - My Journey To The Stars
Love and Sex With Your Friends by dannygrl0129
Favorite Color
Love of your life:ignacio
Best sex of your life:tellura
Will make you come 1000 times:madscientizt
Will break your heart:_intolerable_
Best Kisser:combat_baby_
Best cuddler:dameeshee
You secretly dream of:myneid
But this person dreams of you:duckymcgee
Will handcuff you and screw you silly:pseudogoth
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